John Wright is Wapping’s unsung hero

Dear Ed... ONE person you need to know about that came to mind when I saw your New Year headline ‘Heroes we want to see on our Honours List ‘ is John Wright, from the Glamis Estate here in Wapping.

He has the odd letter in the Advertiser from time to time, but I really do feel this is one man who deserves more recognition than he is getting.

John is vice chairman of our residents’ association, fighting for the underdog as well as putting the powers that be in their place. He does not expect much in life, but always seems to be helping others and giving things out to people on the estate.

I put his name forward for ‘tenant of the year’ at East End Homes in November, but think it went to an elderly gardener woman.

Just recently, I put John’s name forward for a T0wer Hamlets citizens’ award. He doesn’t know I do this.

John is a ‘one off’ who is always cheerful and prepared to listen. He runs our estate Karioke and bingo on Fridays at Glamis Hall. He used to be an entertainer on the boats and has sailed the High Seas for years.

Anne Smith

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