Joy and tears as pupils open GCSE results at a Tower Hamlets girls’ school

There were screams of joys and lots of cuddles, and a few tears at Central Foundation Girl’s School as students flooded in to pick up their GCSE results this morning.

Packets of tissues were on hand at the tables set up for students to collect their envelopes. Among those jumping for joy and hugging each other were two of the schools top achievers Yasmin Chowdhury and Zahra Deera, both year 11 students aged 16.

With five A*s and five straight As in her GCSEs, plus Distinctions in BTEC subjects, 16-year-old Yamin said: “Is this a joke? It’s like a dream come through, it’s surreal. I’m ecstatic but worried I might wake up and it’s all a dream. I had hoped for these marks but don’t have faith in myself.”

She is staying on at the school for her A-Levels and one day hopes to study astrophysics.

Zahra who gained two A*s, four As and three Bs in her GCSEs, plus Distinction in her BTEC subjects, was also happy.

She said: “I’m pretty happy. It’s pretty much what I expected.” She is also staying at the school for her A-levels. She hopes to become a writer but is planning to study law as a back up.

Among the high achievers were also Tahsin Fatima, who sat her Math exam only a day after a hospital operation. Head of year 11, Maria Reid, said: “She was so determined she came in with painkillers to sit the exam.”

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Tahsin ended up with no less than eight A*s and three Bs. But holding back the tears she said she was still “a bit disappointed” with her Bs, including one in Math

“I’m really tough on myself so tend to look at the negative. I really wanted an A in Math but I know I should be happy,” she said.

Also feeling “a bit down” was Tasmeen Begum Peerbux who gained three A*s, three As and one E, placing her among the school’s highest achievers.

She said: “I’m a bit disappointed, the E brings it down a bit, I don’t like Es, but it’s alright.”

Another of the school’s highest achieving students was Neelima Akter who scored five A*s, three straight As and two Bs.

Standing next to her dad she said: “I’m really happy I’ve made my parents proud.”

Nelima said she fancies a change and will be taking her A-levels at City and Islington College because of the school’s reputation in scientific subjects.

Another happy student standing next to her proud mum was Anisha Afreen, who scored five A*s, and five straight As.

She said: “I’m feeling numb. I didn’t expect to be among the top ten students. I feel great.”

Anisha, who hopes to one day study medicine, is continuing at the school for her A-levels.

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