Kayak couple circumnavigating UK heading back to Shadwell

A husband and wife circumnavigating the UK in sea kayaks to raise money for two Tower Hamlets charities are heading home.

Natalie Maderova and Michal Madera Natalie are paddling 2,200 miles clockwise around Britain, sleeping along its coast line.

Their four month journey saw the couple, who live on the Isle of Dogs, set off from Shadwell Basin to Cornwall and then up to Wales and Scotland. They are now coming down the east coast.

Their friend Jean-Pierre Touchard said: “Natalie and Michal were very fortunate to have very good weather rounding Cape Wrath, one of the most dangerous place in Scotland, with very few places to land safely.

“This week they reached Cromer and have about 300 km left.”

The couple plan to arrive back in Shadwell on July 31 at around 1pm.

They are raising money for Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre and Joshua’s Journey, a charity set up to raise money for a toddler in Bow born with brain damage and cerebral palsy.