Keane: I have not joined West Ham to be a hero

Hammers striker concentrating on helping keep the club in the Premier League

Robbie Keane is looking to help keep West Ham in the Premier League and is adamant he has not joined bottom of the table Hammers to become a hero.

The 30-year-old has signed on loan for the rest of the season and parallels have been drawn with the impact Carlos Tevez had at Upton Park, when, in 2007 his 10 goals over the latter part of the season played a major role in keeping the Hammers up.

Keane however will just concentrate of playing the game.

“I’m not really looking for hero status to be honest with you. I am here to play football and if I can, help to keep West Ham up with the rest of the team,” he said.

“I’m paid to play football and that is what I want to do I love playing football and when your not I find it difficult to deal with.”

Keane is sure to be given his opportunity at the struggling Hammers and belives there is plenty of time for the club to turn their fortunes around and move out of the bottom three.

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“Certainly we have a lot of quality, the fact is we are in the position we are and sooner rather than later we need to get ourselves sorted out,” he said.

“We know we have the quality of players, we have to believe we can stay up and I believe we can.

“Bottom of the table is very close. You just need a couple of wins to move fairly swiftly up the table. When you are 10 points you think Christ its some achievement to stay up.

“Fact is we are only a few points off getting out of the bottom three. But when you are down there it’s easy saying it, but it’s about doing it now. Everyone needs to pull together, the players the fans in one direction and hopefully can achieve.”