Keen Tower Hamlets swimmer back to sport she loves after scoliosis treatment

Shanae Macdonald

Shanae Macdonald - Credit: Archant

A passionate swimmer who dreamed of competing professionally has been able to jump back into the water after finding treatment for her curved spine.

Shanae MacDonald, 32, was diagnosed with scoliosis aged twenty and feared she would be forced to quit swimming, which she was training in four times a week, as a result.

But now Shanae, of Thomas Moor street, Tower Hamlets, says she is “relieved” at being able to get back to her favourite sport thanks to help from Scoliosis SOS — a clinic which claims to offer a unique non-surgical treatment for the condition.

Shanae said: “I was so upset when I was told about my spine. I had always loved being on the water and I was getting really good.

“When I was told that my favourite stroke was putting serious strain on my spine and it was something I should consider giving up, I was devastated.”

Shanae’s scoliosis first became apparent as she started to struggle keeping up with the others in her swimming class. Her parents also noticed her shoulder blade was beginning to protrude on one side.

Her family considered major surgery to correct the spine’s curvature — an operation involving metal rods either side of the spine.

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It wasn’t until she reached her 30s that she opted for treatment with Scoliosis SOS, based in Mansell Street, Tower Hamlets, over surgery.

“I am so relieved to get back to what I love,” said Shanae. “I really didn’t want to have surgery. Swimming and keeping fit is my life.”

She said she was “terrified of being different” and just “wanted to be normal again”.

“I feel amazing, I could not be happier with how I feel and how my back looks,” she added.

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