Labour MP for Poplar & Limehouse Jim Fitzpatrick on the importance of the Cycle Safe debate


- Credit: Archant

A whopping 570,000 journeys are made each day by bike in London.

During recess I’ve been out on my bike whenever possible and whilst cycling I’ve thought a lot about the first order of business when we return next month.

This is the Cycle Safe debate which will discuss the 18 recommendations of the Get Britain Cycling report.

We’ve had a huge conversation on cycling over the last few years, a lot of people have had their say and there been have passionate voices from all sides.

I know cycling is not everyone’s cup of tea but this affects everyone who uses our roads and chances are we all have a family member or friend who cycles. The conclusion was some commonsense proposals focusing on investment, safer road design, lower speed limits, better HGV safety and driver training.

There were also a lot of good things said on how cyclists should stick to the rules themselves and lead by example.

We’ve been getting a lot of things right in London recently but work still needs to be done on cycling. We’re only at the start of what could be a real cycling revolution.

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There are only two things stopping us – the first is the legitimate fear cyclists have of our roads and the second is the work we must do on our roads to match the size of our ambition.

I think next month’s debate is an important one, which is why I’m taking a different approach to preparing my speech.

I’ve called on constituents to give a hand in writing what I’ll hopefully be able to say in the chamber.

There’s been a very open discussion so far so why stop now? And people have been getting in touch, each with different views and experiences. So far I’ve enjoyed reading every single one.

The debate is on September 3 and if you have something to say on cycling you can reach me on or tweet @FitzMP.