Lawyer Alan Mak carries Olympic Torch for Magic Breakfast kids charity

A lawyer and primary school governor in London’s deprived East End who runs a children’s breakfast club has been selected as an Olympic Torchbearer.

Alan Mak, 28, a Canary Wharf solicitor who is a governor at Bow’s Wellington Primary School, is carrying the Torch at 11.15am tomorrow (Weds) on Day 33 of the nationwide relay when it passes through Yorkshire.

He was selected because of his work as president of the Magic Breakfast club charity, which feeds 6,000 children in 210 primary schools up and down the country, including 100 schools in east London and Westminster.

“I hope carrying the Torch raises awareness of the fight against child hunger and poverty,” he said.

“Magic Breakfast brings communities and businesses together to tackle child hunger, poverty and give children a better start in life.

“I’ll be thinking of the children when I carry the Torch.”

Alan, who won the Prime Minister’s Big Society Award last September, got involved with the charity because he suffered child hunger himself and now campaigns to raise public awareness of the issue.

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He also personally sponsors the Magic Breakfast club at Wellington Primary School for 25 children every morning.