Lawyer protests to Tower Hamlets over council roadsweepers ‘dumping’ rubbish

Young couples in a new apartment block on the banks of the Regent’s Canal have protested to the local authority over road sweepers leaving bags of rubbish outside their homes.

They found bags were being left ready for collection the next day—but the flat-dwellers of the new Caesar Court off Bethnal Green’s Roman Road say it attracts other people to leave rubbish alongside the pile.

They have taken snaps as evidence and have asked Tower Hamlets council to end the practice.

“I found a road sweeper at 7.30pm yesterday leaving rubbish in pink bags,” said lawyer Romella Manning-Brown.

“He said it should be collected the next day—but I didn’t let him drop it.

“I told him if he left the bags, others will follow and the pile would build up by our front door—he agreed to take them away.”

Her neighbour Cara Pannell claimed it had been “a persistent problem” in the street. She added: “Bags appear each week and stay put for at least three days, if not longer.”

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Romella alerted her neighbours by email after confronting the roadsweeper. She told them: “I finally caught one red-handed and guess who the culprit is—the council!

“Apparently we pay our council tax so road sweepers clean Roman Road and then empty their dust carts on side streets such as ours.

“As long as the rubbish is in official pink bags, it’s not fly-tipping—I am so angry I cannot type any more!”

The council promised not to leave bags overnight after receiving the complaints. A spokesman said: “We are looking into this situation and will ensure the refuse bags are collected daily as intended.”

Ironically, the Town Hall is running its own ‘Not in Our Street!’ campaign to stop rubbish dumping and fly-tipping in the East End, pointing out there are fines up to �50,000 and even prison for serious offenders.

Residents are encouraged to report problems on 020-7364 5004—and that’s just what the residents of Caesar Court did, after confronting a council roadsweeper.