Advertiser letters: Support new RAF appeal and awarding Tower Hamlets council staff for bad work

The RAF 100th anniversary flypast. Picture: KEN MEARS

The RAF 100th anniversary flypast. Picture: KEN MEARS - Credit: Archant

Letters, contributions and comments sent in to the Advertiser this week.

Support new RAF appeal

Simon Collins, chairman, RAF100 Appeal, writes:

As the nation looked to the skies on Tuesday (July 10) to see the RAF’s most historic and newest aircraft fly over Buckingham Palace, it was a moment to pause and reflect on the sacrifices made by all RAF personnel during 100 years of service.

The flypast also marked the midway point for the RAF100 Appeal, a major fundraising drive launched by the RAF and its four main charities. The RAF100 Appeal brings together the Royal Air Force, the RAF Association, the RAF Benevolent Fund, the RAF Charitable Trust, and the RAF Museum to establish a legacy that matches the vision of Viscount Trenchard who steered the formation of the RAF in 1918.

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The Appeal encourages the British public to get involved in the celebrations and help repay ‘the debt we owe’ and help to raise funds for the past, present and future RAF Family, inspiring, honouring and supporting all who have given so much.

The centenary year of the Royal Air Force provides a unique opportunity to commemorate the service and the sacrifice of those who have gone before.

To find out more or get involved visit

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Take staff to task over poor performance

John Kelly, Tarling Street, Shadwell, writes:

Once again in the mayor’s pathetic defence of the state of Tower Hamlets we get the usual rhetoric it’s all the fault of “government cuts” rather than the real reason, his and the council’s complete incompetence.

Do not award massive pay rises to councillors, scrap the dire magazine, abolish Tower Hamlets Homes, stop creating numerous non jobs paying gross six figure salaries and that alone is nearly £100 million plus in savings.

No you would rather show your utter contempt for struggling residents by clobbering them with huge council tax increases.

So just the address the issues of the borough by taking lazy staff and contractors to task for the inadequate job they are doing, not just throwing ever increasing totally unnecessary amounts of money at the problem.

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