O’s McAnuff admits fears over return to action due to coronavirus

Jobi McAnuff celebrates at the final whistle (pic Simon O'Connor)

Jobi McAnuff celebrates at the final whistle (pic Simon O'Connor) - Credit: Archant

Leyton Orient player/coach Jobi McAnuff has summed up the fears of a growing number of EFL players about a potential return to action in June.

The English Football League currently remains suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic and the experienced winger says many players will feel the same as him about returning to play.

The former Reading captain would rather wait for things to be contained than put his family in dangerous of catching the virus.

“I’m one of them, both my parents are over 70, so they’re in that most at-risk group so is my mother-in-law who spends a lot of time with us. I’ve got two kids, but she’s had respiratory issues in the past so she’s very much in the high risk category,” McAnuff told The Conv3rsation.

“I would be very reluctant to put myself back in an environment where I can then pass something on to my parents or my mother-in-law.

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“That will be a factor in my decision on when I go back and I know that’s no different to many other footballers out there. It will be a key factor in when we do start back.”

The former West Ham United youngster believes if they do return to football it must be when things are under control and insists they are hoping that can happen.

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“First and foremost we have to take our lead from what is going on in the wider scale. I’d personally be very reluctant to go back and get involved, when the virus is very much still rampant,” he added.

“We’re very much hoping by that point things have settled down, we keep hearing about the peak, and whether we have hit it or not.

“Certainly from my point of view I’d like to see on a bigger scale things starting to come under control before we start getting into that sort of environment.”

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