Lib Dem candidate for Tower Hamlets mayor announced

Cllr Rabina Khan... pressing for action to get rid of gladding on nearly 300 tower blocks across the East End. 

Liberal Democrat councillor for Shadwell, Rabina Khan - Credit: Mike Brooke

The Liberal Democrats have announced their mayoral candidate for the election in May this year.

Liberal Democrat councillor for Shadwell, Rabina Khan, was announced as the party’s selection for the mayoral position after she came second to John Biggs in 2018.

This comes after 63,000 voters decided to continue with the post of executive mayor in a referendum last year despite a campaign supported by Mr Biggs to abolish his own job.

He cited the controversy surrounding Lutfur Rahman, who was found guilty of electoral fraud by election commissioner Richard Mawrey in 2015 and banned from office until 2019.

Cllr Khan said: “We listen to people and what they want is real change, not inward-looking or backwards-looking, not a return to divisive politics, but a fresh start that brings all our community together for a better future.

“Making gains in these elections will let us bring a more diverse voice to Tower Hamlets politics.”

Additionally, Labour has announced its candidates for Bethnal Green East ward as current councillors Eve McQuillan and Sirajul Islam and a new hopeful, Rebeka Sultana.

Cllr McQuillan said: “I’m very pleased to be selected again. I’ve been representing Bethnal Green for the last two and a half years, I’m excited to do it again in May.

“I’m running with a great team, very experienced. Cllr Sirajul Islam and a really promising new activist and hopefully new councillor Rebeka Sultana.”

Cllr Islam tweeted: “Thank you for putting your trust in us by re-selecting Eve and I. Also great to have our new colleague Rebeka Sultana…We are grateful for your support.”

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Leader of the Conservative Group in Tower Hamlets, Cllr Peter Golds, said: “We are completing our selection process and will be announcing candidates shortly.”

Tower Hamlets Council has 45 councillors, of which 41 are currently members of the Labour Party.

Labour has held a majority on the local authority since 1994.