ABJOL MIAH (Respect)

ABJOL MIAH (Respect)


ABJOL MIAH (Respect)

I STAND for investment in our public services, not cuts. New Labour is competing with the Tories to see who can slash the most. Thousands of jobs will be lost and economic growth threatened. The effect on Bethnal Green & Bow constituency will be huge.

Schools, hospitals, pensions, housing will all face the axe. The Welfare State was the Labour party's greatest achievement. Now they seem determined to destroy it. Labour greats like Peter Shore are sadly long gone.

Crime and anti-social behaviour is a real concern. My record combating drug abuse among our youth taught me that we need a strategy of prevention. We can reduce crime By tackling the roots of school exclusion and gang culture and providing opportunities. I co-founded the Muslim Advisory Group to the Metropolitan Police borough commander, because united communities working together defeat criminals.

I support establishing broad-based community boards for public safety to ensure responsive neighbourhood policing.

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Local health inequalities are stark. Tower Hamlets at the last census was fourth worst out of 33 London boroughs for those with 'not good' health. We were second worst for the numbers who provide 50 hours or more unpaid care to relatives each week. I believe in a fair Government allowance for home care providers.

Hospitals across East London are earmarked for closure and beds reduction. I am for proper healthcare for everyone.

Alongside many doctors, I am against Labour's on-the-cheap 'polyclinics'.

New Labour has failed schoolchildren. Britain now has almost the largest class sizes in Europe. I have campaigned against school privatization and cuts to English language classes. I am against the loss of places at the local universities and will fight for funding so that young people are not priced out of a good education and career. I am against student fees and debt.


Abjol Miah (Respect)