Abseilers and tradesmen urged to go for Tower Hamlets housing contracts

Abseiling window cleaner at Yates House in Bethnal Green

Abseiling window cleaner at Yates House in Bethnal Green - Credit: TH Homes

Contracts are up for grabs for tradesmen in London’s East End to get a slice of the £181 million being spent on improving council housing.

The five main contractors bringing 8,500 properties owned by Tower Hamlets Homes up to scratch by 2015 have pledged to spend half the Whitehall cash locally on services and skilled workers.

It could mean work for plumbers, electricians, decorators, carpenters and caterers.

Abseilers could also be hoisting themselves into a job.

“Our contractors have promised to put work out to a whole range of trades in the East End,” the hosing organisation’s spokesman said.

“There’s even work for abseilers—like our abseiling window cleaner at Bethnal Green. It’s often cheaper and more fun for abseilers than contractors having to put up scaffolding when work is being carried out.”

The five main contractors have also taken on 53 apprentices between them this year.

Tower Hamlets Homes, which held a Local Business day recently at Stepney Green when tradesmen met the big contractors to show what services they offer, has completed modernising nearly half the properties in need of a make-over so far, with another 4,500 to go on its 27 housing estates.