ANDREW OSBORNE (English Democrat)

ANDREW OSBORNE (English Democrat)


ANDREW OSBORNE (English Democrat)

ISN'T it time to put England first? I run a small local business and have lived in the East End for 25 years, the Isle of Dogs for 17 years. I have four children under four and live in a modest two-bedroom flat.

When Labour committed every man, woman and child in the country to paying off the gambling debts of the Las Vegas-style banks in this country, I said 'enough is enough' and decided to stand as a prospective Parliamentary candidate.

Bank debts are the banks'. If they had been allowed to go bust, stable banks would have bought them and we would have been out of this mess already, minus the incompetence and the debt. Labour is heading us towards total State control, our personal freedoms and liberties eroded by highly paid, unelected bureaucrats. They plan to turn Europe in the USSR Mk II. They are very close to this goal.

The English Democrats are a 'small government' party. We understand you, not the Government, know what is best for you. It is not their power to give you back, but yours!

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I will work hard to help innovate our way out of this mess, by reducing the rates and tax burdens on you and businesses in the area. I will cut bureaucracy and waste, while maintaining frontline services such as effective policing.

We have a 'zero tolerance' policy towards crime. I stand for you, not the Government, even an English Democrat government!


Andrew Osborn (English Democrat)