Anti-fascist group to stage rally before EDL march in Tower Hamlets

Anti-fascist activists are due to hold a public meeting next week ahead of a planned march through east London by far-right group the English Defence League (EDL).

London Antifascists are organising a host of speakers to appear at the event, set to be hosted at the Rag Factory in Heneage Street, Whitechapel.

Among those due to address the rally is Max Levitas, a veteran of the 1936 battle of Cable Street, during which members of the Jewish community confronted a fascist demonstration led by Oswald Mosley.

The meeting is scheduled for August 31, just seven days before the EDL march is due to go ahead on September 7. It is one of a number of marches the organisation is staging across the UK during this summer.

There have been strong calls from community leaders for the Home Office to step in and ban the march, but at this stage police are yet to apply for such a step.

The meeting is to be held from 6pm-12am on August 31.