Ban EDL call as MP Rushanara Ali condemns violence in wake of Woolwich attack

Bethnal Green & Bow MP Rushanara Ali

Bethnal Green & Bow MP Rushanara Ali - Credit: Archant

MP Rushanara Ali has called on the Prime Minister to act against extremist groups following a rise in violence against Muslims in the wake of the Woolwich attack.

She condemned the killing of Army drummer Lee Rigby when she spoke in Parliament during the Prime Minister’s statement about last monrth’s incident.

The Bethnal Green & Bow MP told the Commons: “I join the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition in relaying on behalf of my constituents, many of whom are from the British Muslim community, our condolences to the family of Lee Rigby after his appalling death.”

Mr Cameron thanked her for expressing “the strength of feeling” in the East End.

Rushanara urged him to make sure the government’s new task-force would look into the possibility of outlawing groups such as the EDL who she said posed “a serious threat to public order.”

She asked Mr Cameron: “Will the new task-force look at proscribing such groups if evidence suggests their violent intentions will reinforce conflict in our country?”

The task-force would examine extremism, Mr Cameron confirmed, and “the best ways of condemning the hate-filled people who are part of the English Defence League.”

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But the government had to follow the Law before banning organisations, he warned MPs.