Boris gets pounding from Steve Pound over meetings with ‘rich bankers’

Boris Johnson has held more meetings with bankers than with the Met Police, the public or press since being elected in 2008, according to revelations from the London Mayor’s official diary.

He has held 86 meetings with bankers and the financial services industry between May, 2008, and March this year, a London MP has discovered.

That compares with just 48 meetings with Scotland Yard, 124 photo opportunities, 64 meetings with government ministers, 15 public meetings and just five press conferences in that period.

“It’s clear from his official diary that Boris is a Mayor for the Square Mile—not for London,” said Labour’s firey MP Steve Pound.

“He seems more interested in hobnobbing with the rich and powerful than keeping London safe, keep our transport running and standing up for London.”

Now the MP for Ealing North and former Merchant Navy boxer—once dubbed by Private Eye magazine as “Ealing’s tattooed bruiser”—has taken the gloves off and challenged Boris to say what commitments he made when meeting the bankers and if they made contributions to his campaign or the Conservative Party.