Bow resident challenges MoD spokesman over missile plans during London Olympics

A resident in Bow has confronted a Ministry of Defence spokesman during a video interview over plans to put missiles on top of his block of flats during the London Olympics.

Journalist Brian Whelan, who lives at Bow Quarter on Fairfield Road, has posted his interview on You Tube after the spokesman came to a meeting for residents held at the Lexington block.

In the video, which Mr Whelan has entitled ‘Clueless MoD spokesman comes to Bow Quarter’, Mr Whelan is heard criticising the MoD over the plans and challenging the spokesman about the legality of using the site without consulting residents.

A Mod spokesman has since said: “Last night’s meeting was well attended and positively received by the vast majority of residents. They met and talked with a military liaison officer and the Metropolitan Police about issues of health and safety that might emerge should Lexington Building be selected as a site for the positioning of a Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) system.”