Bow resident films dummy missiles left “unguarded” during Olympic military exercise

A resident at a block of flats in Bow where missiles are likely to be stationed during the Olympics has filmed “unguarded” dummy missiles left by soldiers.

Brian Whelan, a journalist, who lives at Bow Quater on Fairfield Road, has today posted a video on his website showing the military equipment left at the base of the block’s water tower.

Mr Whelan said: “I was walking into the building when I saw soldiers walking away. I had a 30 second window in which to film the equipment before they returned.

“It was left unguarded on the pedestrian path and could have just grabbed it and walked away. “I saw a number of tubes that appeared to contain missiles or dummy missiles along with range site equipment, helmets, bags and crates of military equipment.”

Soldiers arrived at the former Bryant and May matchstick factory yesterday after the Ministry of Defence had announced they would be testing the logistics of placing missiles on top of the water tower during the London Games. The site was chosen because of its clear view of the Olympic Stadium and the missiles would be intended to shoot down any planes trying to carry out a 9/11 type attack.

An MOD spokeswoman said: “The first few seconds of this clip could mistakenly be perceived as posing a risk. But as we said at the beginning of this week, no live missiles or ordnance is accompanying this week’s testing of ground based air defences, which are fitted with practice dummy missiles. These pose absolutely no danger to the public whose protection is our priority. The video in question clearly shows military personnel on the scene.”