Call for police crackdown on illegal drivers as hit-and-run accidents soar

One of the most dangerous areas in London for hit-and-run drivers is the East End, latest figures from City Hall reveal.

One person was killed and 17 were seriously injured last year alone in Tower Hamlets in accidents involving drivers who didn’t stop, a London Assembly survey shows—only Lambeth and the City of Westminster were worse.

Now London Assembly member Jenny Jones is calling for more police patrols and more use of automatic number-plate recognition equipment to track down illegal drivers who don’t have road tax or insurance.

“Drivers are more likely to drive on after an accident if they’re untaxed or uninsured,” she said.

“A legal driver has everything to lose if they don’t stop because they can be traced—but illegal drivers drive on dump the car later.

“We need the police to crack down on these illegal drivers. They need to redouble their efforts and send a clear message that illegal drivers will not be tolerated.”

There were 17 serious injuries in hit-and-run accidents in Tower Hamlets last year, the same as Southwark and Lewisham, compared to 16 in neighbouring Hackney, 19 in Lambeth and 23 in Westminster, out of a total of 306 across London.