Council ‘enforcers’ praised for roles police couldn’t do during Olympics

Council enforcement officers got a big thank-you this week for their work in one of the ‘host’ boroughs for supporting police during the Olympics.

They were looking after key areas of Tower Hamlets with high numbers of crowds at locations including Victoria Park Live Site and the Tower of London, while police were concentrating on Olympic Park security.

Community Protection officers drafted in to east London from Nottingham to help with security during the Games fortnight praised them for their conduct “in dealing with difficult situations”.

The enforcers responded to reports of yobs in Bethnal Green Gardens with targeted patrols. They were also active in Whitechapel Market and around Brick Lane tackling noise nuisance and fly-posting as well as identifying unlicensed illegal trading.

Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman said: “The scope of their presence during the Olympics fortnight gave residents reassurance.”

The enforcement officers take on roles the Met Police are unable to make a priority such as littering, graffiti and anti-social behaviour.