Council spending cuts blamed for London highway pothole dangers, IAM warns

Council spending cuts are causing many drivers damage to their vehicles from potholes in the road, according to a new survey.

Nine-out-of-10 drivers voted pothole repairs as top priority for local authorities, in a poll by the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

“Spending cuts are the real problem,” said survey researcher Neil Greig. “But most think local councils should make sure the backlog in highway maintenance doesn’t continue to stack up.”

Only 18 per cent in London think town hall highway maintenance is good. More than half rate it ‘bad’ or ‘very bad.’

One motorist in the survey, David Kellie, 63, commented: “Who needs ‘sleeping policemen’ when the roads are in such poor state? Most drivers can’t keep up with speed limits!”

Drivers were “fed up hearing about cuts as drivers are charged more at the pumps and in road tax.”

Biggest danger was said to be motorbike riders and cyclists being thrown off by hitting potholes.