Dr Giles Fraser chairing Tower Hamlets council’s new “Fairness Commission”

A “Fairness Commission” has been set up by Tower Hamlets council in an attempt to tackle inequality in the borough.

The commission is to be chaired by priest and former cannon of St Paul’s Cathedral Dr Giles Fraser, sitting alongside representatives from Tower Hamlets council and community group Toynbee Hall.

It will explore the reasons behind inequality in a borough which has the highest child poverty rate in the UK while simultaneously enjoying the country’s second highest average salary of �58,000 per year.

“It’s an exciting and interesting project”, said Dr Fraser. “It does feel like a place that is in many ways manifestly unfair.

“I think it’s worth looking again at some of these issues in light of where we are as a country at the moment.

He added that he was drawn to accept the role after working as a young priest in Aldgate, and by his love of the East End.

“I have always loved that part of London – it’s a part that’s very close to my heart.

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“We have a real opportunity to make recommendations for change that will make a difference to local people’s lives. I want people to feel really free to sound off at me.”

The commission is to run until March 2013, with public meetings scheduled to address the themes of communities and housing, whether Tower Hamlets is rich or poor, and how people can look out for each other in the borough.

Speaking at the launch of the commission at Toynbee Hall in Commercial StreetMayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman said: “I have high expectations for this commission and rightly so.

“There has been no better moment to reassess our responsibilities and contributions to each other, both as individuals and organisations This feels like a crucial moment in the progress towards a fairer society.”

For more information and to provide feedback to the commission visit http://thfairness.tumblr.com/.