Fare hikes hit commuters amid continued opposition

Fare hikes hitting commuters have been condemned as a “kick in the teeth to hard-working Londoners” after they came into force on Wednesday.

Passengers on trains, tubes, and buses have been hit by an average fare increase of 4.2 per cent.

Single bus journeys for Oyster card users have gone up by 5p to �1.40 and zone one tube journeys are up 10p to �2.10.

East London Assembly Member John Biggs has slammed the hikes, and was at Mudchute DLR station on the Isle of Dogs this morning (Thursday) to canvass against them.

“This is a kick in the teeth to hard-working Londoners, many of whom face cuts to their real incomes while housing and other costs continue to rise”, he said.

“I am clear that these increases were not necessary. Transport for London could easily have managed without them and the Mayor has made the wrong decision.”

The rises are above the rate of inflation, but Transport for London said the extra revenue would be used to fund improvements.

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It also said that City Hall had secured nearly �100m in extra funding from the government to prevent even bigger hikes in fares.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson added: “Further investment on the transport network will help us to provide faster, more frequent and reliable journeys for Londoners; and is crucial to the economic development and growth that is so vital to our great city. “This fares package is hugely important to our millions of passengers and I am very pleased to have secured nearly �100m that will help to keep fares as low as possible, and protect the important concessions that we offer the most vulnerable Londoners.”