THE next MP cannot vote for cuts in Parliament and return to the constituency empty-handed.

Let's cut defence spending and raise tax to 50 per cent on those earning above �100,000.

Withdrawal from Afghanistan will save �3 billion every year.

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A 'Robin Hood' tax on financial transactions will raise tens of billions a year.

We can avoid cuts in health, education and council spending.

With the sixth-richest economy in the world, the key question in this election is how we slice the cake.

We demand:

- A �170-a-week single pension to rescue one-in-four pensioners from poverty

- Raising resources from the top

- Invest our way into a more balanced, diversified and modern economy

- Create hundreds of jobs in this constituency by putting plumbers, builders and electricians back to work insulating homes and lowering fuel bills

- Revive Roman Road and Bethnal Green Road by reopening empty shops for artists and creative volunteers, using Brick Lane as a model.

- Save small businesses - the bedrock of the local economy.


Fight cuts in Tower Hamlets college, demand an end to outrageous fees for consultants and contractors, back primary school teachers in trying to end SATs and let teachers teach.

Higher education should once again be free. Students should not leave university �20,000 in debt.

We back Queen Mary's University college in resisting cuts. Invest in training, education and skills for a new economy.


For �3 million a year, we can have free NHS Dentistry for all those who want it in the constituency.

Reduce poverty and overcrowding to improve health.


Give residents right to decide policing priorities. We want a return to bus conductors and park attendants, making people feel safer.

Treat our young people better by listening to their concerns and offer them an outlet, hope and direction.


Farid Bakht (Green)