Fraudsters in Tower Hamlets attempt to steal up to �7000 with scam phone calls

Fraudsters masquerading as council officers have been trying to con people in Tower Hamlets out of sums of up to �7000 with scam phone calls.

The council have issued a warning after its Trading Standards team received reports of people receiving the false calls.

The rogue callers offer people refunds on council payments in an attempt to get their banking details from them.

A council spokeswoman said she wanted to reassure the public that the council would not ask for personal details in this way.

They are advising that people do not give out information in this way and do not confirm statements made by callers unless they are sure it is someone they know and trust.

The spokeswoman said the council is not aware of anyone who has been conned out of their money but said residents should remain vigilant.

It is possible to check whether a caller is genuinely from the council by ringing their hotline on 020 7364 5020.