I’ll scrap Labour propaganda, says Tory Mayor hopeful

THE Tory hopeful running for Tower Hamlets Mayor in London’s East End has publicly pledged today to scrap the Labour-run council newspaper.

Barrister Neil King, who takes on Labour as well as controversial ex-Labour leader Lutfur Rahman now running as an independent, says he doesn’t have to depend on “propaganda” like ‘East End Life’.

“I will bring to an end the �2 million a year East End Life,” he promises. “If I am doing my job properly, I won’t need this council propaganda sheet to tell everyone how well I’m doing.”

He also slates the Labour Town Hall for other cash spending.

“Never again will �17,000 of our money be spent on putting photos on lampposts,” he adds. “Nor will I spend �100,000 on bus stop advertising.”

King has pledged to follow Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles’ call in June to scrap town hall newspapers paid for out of council tax if he is elected on October 21.