WE believe 'sons and daughters' of current tenants must come first and local people put to the front of the housing queue. The whole system needs re-evaluating so that genuine East Enders have priority, not supposedly 'homeless' foreigners.

I trained as an English teacher in 1990 and spent six years working abroad. Returning in the mid-1990s, I began feeling uncomfortable at the huge increase in immigration under New Labour. I believe all immigration to the UK should be stopped as the country is full and so-called 'minorities' should be expected to integrate fully into the British way of life.

We would promote a stronger sense of community as it used to exist in the East End, so that people look out for one another. This can be encouraged in our churches, community centres and pubs.

CRIME: We need a 'zero tolerance' policy towards knife and drugs crime and stiffer penalties for offenders. There should be a debate on the return of the death penalty for premeditated killing.

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No more money should be wasted on 'diversity' courses for police. Resources should be solely dedicated to fight crime, not playing 'PC' politics.

There seems to be in Tower Hamlets a political system which gives every advantage and most of the resources to Bangladeshis, while making no attempt to get them to integrate into a British way of life.

I have observed how the growing lawlessness of Asian street gangs was exacerbated by the inability of the police and apparent lack of any political will in local government to deal with it.

One local problem is the vandalism of the Civilians' War Memorial at Hermitage Park in Wapping. There was a long struggle to erect this about 10 years ago. Today, sadly, its marble surface is etched with 'tag' names of local street gangs, such 'Abu' and 'Shebul.'

Next to the memorial, a notice explains how East End civilians died in the wartime bombing of the London Docks. Abu, Shebul and their mates have scrawled cartoons of bombs and suggest that "Bin Laden bomb this."

EDUCATION: Education should be reformed so that family and moral values are taught in schools to prevent abortions and reduce anti-social behaviour. So-called 'progressive' education is a waste of time. There should be a return to traditional teaching methods.


Jeffrey Marshall (BNP)