WE have a large business community and residents who need policies of growth, support and stability at this difficult time. We are backing business to create a million more skilled jobs and grow our economy through advanced technology, exports and business investment. The 70,000 advanced apprenticeships are something I can talk about on the doorstep, knowing this will bring real benefits locally.


Crime is huge concern, though it's more anti-social behaviour that people want to discuss with me. I've been proud to welcome the Safer Neighbourhood Teams created by Labour. We are committed to maintaining police and PCSO numbers, with neighbourhood police teams in every area, spending 80 per cent of their time on the beat, with high visibility a priority.

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I have experienced anti-social behaviour in my own neighbourhood, so I want it, too. Labour has new policies on problem families and on guaranteeing effective action to deal with anti-social behaviour, including a right to legal injunctions to protect repeat victims.


This seems linked to crime. There is a common and widespread call for CCTV. We will continue to make full use of this. On high-tech, Labour is committed to advancing DNA technology too, in the fight against crime.


People can see the improvements in our health services and hospitals. When I first became an MP in 1997, I often heard that constituents couldn't get a GP, or had a long wait for a referral or treatment.

That situation changed dramatically, a concrete sign that political policies change things. We now propose binding guarantees for patients, the right to cancer test results within one week of referral, a maximum 18 weeks' wait for treatment, or the offer of going private, preventative healthcare through routine check-ups for the over-40s and a major expansion of diagnostic testing.

In Poplar & Limehouse constituency, schools have been rebuilt. We have seen figures on further and higher education bring national acclaim. Since 1997,

I have said our young people have great potential. They just need opportunity and a place where they can learn and thrive. For me, seeing people achieve their potential is the greatest thrill of all.

We pledge increased spending on SureStart and childcare, on schools and on 16-19 learning, expansion of nursery places, concentration on the 3Rs and every pupil with a personal tutor and a choice of good qualifications.


Jim Fitzpatrick