John Biggs confirms intention to run for Mayor of Tower Hamlets

London Assembly Member John Biggs in Whitechapel Market

London Assembly Member John Biggs in Whitechapel Market - Credit: Archant

London Assembly Member John Biggs has confirmed his intention to put his name forward for Labour’s nomination in the 2014 Tower Hamlets Mayoral election.

The AM for City and East London, who has previously been leader of Tower Hamlets Council, will apply to be Labour’s candidate to take on incumbent Mayor Lutfur Rahman at the polls.

Announcing his decision, he said: “I think the borough could do better than it is under Lutfur Rahman.

“I think I’m a good candidate – I wouldn’t be standing otherwise.

“It’s a very exciting challenge. I think Lutfur Rahman has let the borough down badly”, he added.

The confirmation comes the day after current leader of Tower Hamlets Labour Group Cllr Joshua Peck announced he is set to step down from his position.

Cllr Peck said the decision was a result of the news that he and his partner have been approved to adopt a child, leaving him keen dedicate more time to his impending role as a parent.

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He will stand down in April, when Labour will announce which candidate it has selected to stand in the 2014 election.

In a statement released on Sunday, Cllr Peck confirmed that he would back John Biggs’ bid for Labour’s nomination.

“I will be backing John Biggs, our GLA member, who I have known and worked alongside for over 15 years”, he said.

“He is by far the most experienced candidate, with a track record of delivering success for the party. He also has a strong record of serving the people of our borough with total integrity and commitment, in a way that has built respect for him across our community.”