John Biggs demands marathon evidence

EAST London Assembly Member John Biggs has demanded Transport for London reveal the advice it gave to Olympic organisers on staging the marathon.

His comments come after organisers decided to re-route the marathon out of the East End, claiming it would cause traffic chaos.

Now Mr Biggs wants to hear the advice direct from the horse’s mouth; TfL.

He said: “Lord Coe has blamed traffic management for the decision to avoid staging part of the Olympic marathon in East London. I want to see the justification for this because we need to understand exactly what advice Transport for London provided.”

“Organisers for the London Olympics in both 1908 and 1948 managed to plan the route to finish in the Olympic stadiums. I find it hard to believe that the experts cannot muster a route in 2010.”

He added: “Instead of a 26 mile linear route, lined with spectators out to watch this free event, fewer spectators can crowd around the new compressed route of repeated loops which covers just 10 miles. This denies the opportunity to thousands of Londoners to enjoy one of the few free sporting events of the Games. I do not believe this is the best we can do.”