KABIR MAHMUD (independent)

KABIR MAHMUD (independent)


KABIR MAHMUD (independent)


POOR support for businesses and unfair financial regulations, planning and taxation took our fourth largest economy into a deeper crisis. We need a fairer taxation to maintain stability and growth in employment and productivity and tighter but fairer financial regulations to attract inward investment. Reducing 'red tape' and financial support packages for small and medium sized businesses should be introduced to encourage development in local employment and growth of business.


Knife, gun and drug-related crime among our young people is one of the most increasing and dangerous issues in our society. This is due to lack of research and investment in young people's services, which has a dire consequence on our society and future generation. There should be more focused services and social support to prevent them becoming violent criminals.

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No-one feels safe in our society, even in their own home. We need to have a system that will provide a speedy response from police and safer neighbourhood services to ensure reduction of gang violence, hate crimes, antisocial behaviour and drug-free environment.

We have to have a tighter control on drugs and alcohol abuse. It is also important to improve our environment through adequate lighting, CCTV cameras, more open space and effective investment in policing.


For political parties, the health care reform means more funding cuts on front line services such as the NHS, primary care and GP services.

Continuous research on the health and social care experience of local people is required and adequate investment is necessary in the identified areas of needs.

More than 50 per cent of our children in Tower Hamlets leave school without appropriate grades or qualifications, due to the poor education system. We require more investment in school and community-based education support and vocational training for our underachieving children.


Kabir Mahmud (independent)