Labour party holds mayoral campaign rally in Newham

Cllr unmesh Desai, Sadiq Khan MP, John Biggs AM and Robin Wales, mayor of Newham

Cllr unmesh Desai, Sadiq Khan MP, John Biggs AM and Robin Wales, mayor of Newham - Credit: Archant

Mayoral hopeful John Biggs held a meeting in Newham to rally support for a wider campaign for a “united East End”.

The event was organised by Newham Fabian Society and attended by shadow justice minister Sadiq Khan MP and mayor of Newham Sir Robin Wales.

The meeting was also attended by 75 members of Labour and the Fabian society to rally support for Mr Biggs’s mayoral campaign.

Mr Biggs, who is London Assembly Member for City and East, hopes to unseat mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman in 2014.

Speeches were given by Mr Khan, who is also shadow minister for London, and Sir Robin about why the Labour party thinks it is important to win seats in east London in upcoming elections.

Mr Khan said: “John Biggs is the only candidate for the mayor of Tower Hamlets that is standing for all communities in Tower Hamlets rather than just one.

“He is a fantasticly good candidate who has run councils and has done a great job as London Assembly Member working for Labour’s policy of easing the cost of living crisis.

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“It’s great that we’re campaigning for a united Tower Hamlets and Newham for one East End and I look forward to John Biggs becoming mayor of Tower Hamlets in 2014.”

Mr Biggs said: “It was a great opportunity to share with members and supporters in Newham the challenges faced in Tower Hamlets.

“The East End is changing very quickly and many of the challenges faced by Newham residents are similar for residents in Tower Hamlets - the affordability of housing, access to jobs, maintaining improvement in our schools, tackling crime and anti-social behaviour, improving the environment, and making sure that development benefits the whole community.

“It’s an exciting challenge and that’s why I want to do it and I welcome the endorsement of Sadiq, Robin and local supporters.”