Aspire 'will work for everyone in Tower Hamlets' after winning majority

The investigation into Tower Hamlets Council's youth service concluded in 2017. Picture: Mike Brooke

Aspire now has the majority of councillors on Tower Hamlets Council - Credit: Mike Brooke

The Aspire Party followed up Lutfur Rahman's election as Tower Hamlets mayor by winning the most council seats in the borough.

It won 24 of the authority's 45 seats to take control of the council, usurping Labour which won 19.

The Conservatives and Greens won one seat each.

The results were announced the day after it was revealed that Mr Rahman, whose last tenure as mayor came to an end when he was removed from office in 2015 by an election court, had won election.

On Aspire's success, Mr Rahman said: “The people of Tower Hamlets have endorsed my transformative platform. We have plain, simple ambitions: no child should go hungry, no senior citizen should go cold, and everyone should have a roof over their head.

“Council services must meet the needs of the people from the cradle to the grave. We shall invest in people to help them through education and finding employment and in surviving the cost of living crisis. We shall invest in services like sports and the arts.

“My administration will work for everyone in our borough to bring about change for the better."

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Labour's Rachel Blake, who was re-elected as councillor for Bow East, posted on Twitter that it was a "difficult day" for Tower Hamlets Labour.

Turnout for the ward councillor ballot was 41.84 per cent.

Will Tuckley, returning officer for Tower Hamlets and the council’s chief executive, said: “I would like to congratulate all of our 45 councillors on their election victories and thank all of our candidates who stood in these elections for playing their part in the democratic process.  

“Organising elections involves a lot of hard work and preparation by council officers and colleagues from partner organisations such as the Metropolitan Police and the Electoral Commission.  

“I’d like to thank everyone who has worked on the elections for their hard efforts, particularly our elections team, and thank all of our residents who voted and took part in the local democratic process to choose our local leaders here in Tower Hamlets.”