London Assembly welcome for Crossrail 2 cash from Government

Funding to pay for a Crossrail 2 study is being welcomed by London Assembly members to help kickstart the economy.

They are calling for the green light to get it started, even though Crossrail 1 linking east London with Heathrow is still five years away from opening.

Crossrail 2 would reduce overcrowding on the Underground and rail network and make trains more reliable, the Assembly’s transport committee says.

It would increase rail capacity and bring benefits up to £49 billion, it is suggested.

Passenger numbers on the Tube previously predicted for two decades ahead might be reached within the next seven years because of rising population.

The committee is backing investment in Crossrail 2, in its response to TfL and Network Rail’s consultation, and has welcomed the government’s decision to give £2 million for a feasibility study.

Members are urging the Mayor of London to develop “fair funding” so that those benefiting from Crossrail 2 contribute towards its construction, including home-owners capitalising on rising land values.