Massage parlour in Spitalfields accused of offering sex to customers

The massage parlour, on the right, will have its licence reviewed by Tower Hamlets Council. Picture:

The massage parlour, on the right, will have its licence reviewed by Tower Hamlets Council. Picture: LDRS - Credit: Archant

An alternative medicine centre faces closure after allegedly offering an “embarrassed” customer sexual services during a massage.

An anonymous tip-off about Sunflower London in Wentworth Street, Spitalfields, sparked an undercover investigation by Tower Hamlets Council earlier this year.

The parlour now faces not having its special treatment licence renewed at a meeting today, Tuesday, September 8.

The customer, identified only as a “very embarrassed person”, wrote to the council in December after going into the shop for a massage.

The customer said: “I got asked if I would be requiring any further services. It was clarified to me that these were of a carnal nature. Needless to say I was shocked and left.

“In fact it is quite embarrassing even trying to report the matter as I have never been to a massage parlour before and will be sticking to doctors and recommended professionals for my muscle/skeletal issue.”

In January the council launched a sting and sent in an undercover operative.

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The officer said he posed as a customer wanting a massage and a female therapist “called Cindy asked him to take off his underwear”.

“The therapist had then bent down close to his ear and whispered to ask if he wanted something extra,” according to documents submitted to the council.

“The operative asked what she meant and the therapist made a movement with her hand. The operative declined saying he didn’t have enough money, but was told he could pay by card, which he declined as well. This was a clear offering of a sexual service in addition to the massage.”

In April 2019 Sunflower London bosses appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court and were ordered to pay a total of £6,100 after admitting two breaches to their licence when an employee was caught providing services of a sexual nature.

Tower Hamlets licensing officers said it “is evident that these breaches have continued”.

Signs have now been put up in the parlour’s reception area stating that “no sexual services of any nature are allowed in the premises”.

A spokesman for Sunflower London Ltd added that a lawyer would be attending the licensing meeting and asking for a hearing at a later date because the owner is in China.

She added: “No sexual services are allowed here. This all happened while the owner was in China so we will ask for an extension so our case can be heard fairly.”