Mayor accused of wasting public money on attending bussinessman’s bash

The mayor of Tower Hamlets is accused of wasting council cash by using a chauffeur driven limo to take him to a “non-essential” business venture.

Lutfur Rahman has been criticised for using his taxpayer funded �72-a-day hire car, a Mercedes E Class, plus a town hall driver to attend the launch of a restaurant’s cricket bash on July 11.

Mr Rahman attended the event – the Mayor’s Cup T20 Cricket - for the Clifton Group’s new national tournament.

But Tory opposition leader Peter Golds argued the event is a commercial venture and said council money should not be used to promote it.

He said: “Taking council staff from public duties, so they can sit in a limousine is hardly undertaking essential work of the borough.

“Mayor Rahman needs to draw a distinction between public duty and exhibitionism.”

A council spokesperson said: “The Mayor was invited to a community event and attended, as he would with any other positive community event that he is able to attend.”