MP Rushanara Ali accuses Tories of failing to stop youth jobless doubling

The plight of long-term unemployed youngsters in London’s deprived East End has been raised in the Commons by their local MP who accused the government of failing to take action.

Labour’s Rushanara Ali claimed rising levels of youth unemployment in East London and across the UK resulted in the Tory-led government’s failure to address the issue.

The Bethnal Green & Bow MP called on the Government to “listen to the millions of young people who want an opportunity to make a contribution to this country.”

Rushanara, speaking in the debate on the Finance Bill earlier this week, told MPs: “Job opportunities for those desperate to find work will not appear without help, with the economy back in a double-dip recession and economic confidence so low that investment growth has virtually ground to a halt.”

She claimed the Government’s “failure to act on youth unemployment” had led to numbers of youngsters out of work doubling in 12 months.