Mums worried council cuts will be the end of East End adventure playground

ANXIOUS parents are worried that council cuts will see the closure of a popular staffed adventure playground.

They fear that staff at Bartlett Adventure Park may face the axe in the latest round of council cuts.

Mum Sarah Clark who has three children under four said the park off Upper North Street is a lifeline for families living in tower blocks nearby and residents at Cordelia Street and the Lansbury estate.

Children can enjoy activities such as painting and table tennis and the centre is staffed, giving parents reassurance that their children are safe.

She said: “There’s nothing for children except the park, it’s something for children to do where they can feel safe.

“I use it every day, throughout the summer and the spring.

“We don’t want them to shut the park or make it non staffed.

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“There’s a lot of heroin and users have been pushed out of Chrisp Street and are hanging around.”

She said that if there are no staff at the park she fears the drug users will move in - making it a no-go zone for parents with young children.

When asked Tower Hamlets council was unable to provide details of the number of visits to its two adventure playgounds at Bartlett Park and Weavers Fields, the number of staff or the potential savings if they are shut down.

Instead it offered statement from mayor Lutfur Rahman promising to “preserve frontline services”.

It said: “As a result of the Coalition Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review at least �75 million of savings have to be made in Tower Hamlets over the next four years. We’re currently looking across the organisation to identify savings, but plans cannot be finalised until we’ve been able to digest the details of the Government’s delayed grant settlement, which came out this week.”