Mystery of buses dumped next to A12 Blackwall Tunnel suddenly vanishing

Two buses seem to have vanished into thin air after apparently being dumped outside company boss Adrian Gibbons’ glass merchants premises.

They appeared during the night on Monday in front of his warehouse in Ailsa Street in Bromley-by-Bow, next to the A12 Blackwall Tunnel Approach.

He and his dad Alfred had already been plagued with rubbish dumped for weeks outside the warehouse.

It took a phone-call by the East London Advertiser to the Town Hall before it was finally cleared away.

So the pair called the paper again yesterday when we took this shot.

But by 6.30am today (Wed), both vehicles had vanished—less than 48 hours after they appeared.

“Someone must have towed them here because they were well old and ‘undrivable’,” Adrian said.

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“But we turned up for work this-morning—and they’d just gone. No-one knows where they’ve been taken.”

Tower Hamlets Council promised faithfully last month to keep an eye on Ailsa Street to try and catch fly-tippers and dumpers, following the Advertiser’s interest.