Why rogue East End landlords had to pay back £200,000 to renters

Rents campaign to stop illegal evictions finally led to action against rogue landlords

Renters' campaign to stop illegal evictions that finally led to Tower Hamlets Council action against rogue landlords - Credit: Mike Brooke

Rogue landlords threatening tenants or using violence to get them out of their properties in the East End have now had to give back £200,000 to renters after being served repayment orders. 

Nearly 70 tenants have had their rents given back since Tower Hamlets Council brought in Rent Repayment orders to hold landlords to account after a three-year campaign against illegal evictions. 

Tenants were getting a raw deal until the council stepped in with a renters' charter

Tenants were getting a raw deal until Tower Hamlets Council stepped in with a renters' charter - Credit: Tower Hamlets Rent campaign

Orders are served for failing to obtain lettings licences which also cover offences like threatening violence to secure entry into premises, illegal eviction and harassment or failing to comply with an improvement notice. 

“All tenants deserve secure homes,” council cabinet member Eve McQuillan said. “We will use our powers where landlords fail to make sure tenants are safe from exploitation and unsafe flats.” 

The largest rebate for one property was £55,000 to nine tenants while the property was unlicensed. All the properties where orders have been made have since acquired licences.