Speed up IRA Canary Wharf bomb victims’ Libya deal, Cameron is urged

Relatives of the Docklands IRA bombing 16 years ago delivered 100 letters to Downing Street this-afternoon asking for compensation negotiations with the Libyan government to be speeded up.

The letters addressed to the Prime Minister spoke of “running out of time” for those affected by the massive Semtex explosion which ripped through Canary Wharf and devastated Millwall’s Barkantine estate nearby.

They were handed in by a Docklands Victims Association delegation, whose founder Jonathan Ganesh told the Advertiser: “The families still haven’t received compensation, 16 years after the IRA attack.

“The surviving victims of Gaddafi’s sponsored terrorism are running out of time, getting older and suffering worse.”

The former Canary Wharf security guard from Limehouse was rescued himself after being trapped by the rubble after the blast.

The letters he handed in to 10 Downing Street included one by Gemaa Berezag from the Barkantine estate, whose husband Zoaui was brain injured and is now almost blind.

She wrote: “Things have been very difficult for me as a full-time carer for 16 years. But I will always care for Zoaui as I cannot imagine my life without him.

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“His condition in the past five years has deteriorated—he is now almost blind and doesn’t recognise me or his family.”

Gemaa’s letter to David Cameron concluded: “I understand the new Libyan government has agreed to help Zoaui and other disabled victims.

“Please could you find out as a matter of urgency as this would help Zaoui and the others who need 24-hour care?”

Two men died in the blast in February, 2008, newsagent Inam Bashir, 29, and musician John Jeffrey, 24. Another 100 people were injured, 51 seriously. Inam’s surviving brother Assan Bashir was part of today’s delegation to Downing Street.