Spitalfields market traders sign charter banning sale of fake goods

Spitalfields traders' market

Spitalfields traders' market - Credit: Archant

Market traders in Spitalfields in London’s East End have signed a charter banning any sale of fake goods.

The agreement with Tower Hamlets Trading Standards makes sure shoppers aren’t duped by counterfeit goods and other illicit items.

General manager Jason Dervin said: “Counterfeits, knock-off goods and copies have no place in a good market.”

Spitalfields is the first privately-run market in the East End to join the scheme which covers 10 street markets which signed up to the charter in 2010.

A council spokesman said: “We want to make sure goods sold in markets are not fakes. Counterfeits can be dangerous and often poor value for money.”

The code of practice means stallholders take action themselves if they spot anything suspicious, working with the local authority, neighbourhood police and copyright and trademark owners to tackle the problem of fakes.