Teachers need training to help disabled pupils in sport, Assembly urges

Teachers need better training to help disabled pupils stay active, the London Assembly urges.

City Hall is calling for better training to keep disabled pupils involved in school sports, while urging leisure services to use London 2012 volunteers to encourage disabled adults to stay active.

The number of disabled achieving the recommended level of activity has only risen to one-in-10 since the issue was last looked at in 2006, says the Assembly’s Culture and Sport committee.

“Teachers are still not being given the training to include disabled pupils in sport and physical education,” said committee chair Dee Doocey.

“It would be a terrible legacy with the 2012 Paraplegic Games around the corner to see the world’s best disabled athletes competing in London—then failing to capitalise on their inspiration.”

A report has been sent to the Education Secretary and the Mayor of London, warning “the situation will only get worse” until the government addresses the problem.