Teen takeover of Tower Hamlets council tasks for the day

Do you want these kids running the council? [photo: Kois Miah]

Do you want these kids running the council? [photo: Kois Miah] - Credit: TH Council

Youths took over the Town Hall taking decisions to see how the world is run — or at least how the East End of London is managed.

They took up positions of responsibility at Tower Hamlets Council as part of the Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Challenge on Friday.

The challenge was aimed at giving them an introduction to the world of work by taking on responsibilities.

“I really felt like an adult,” teenager Rumena Begum said. “I was sending emails to managers, completing tasks with tight schedules and also helped plan a volunteering programme for January.”

The youths took part in decision-making, while the grown-ups who usually do the work got a fresh perspective on their day job, too. The teens took on roles as high as the director of public health for the day.

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