TIM ARCHER (Conservative)

TIM ARCHER (Conservative)


TIM ARCHER (Conservative)


THE main concern of residents I meet is crime and anti-social behaviour. In Poplar & Limehouse constituency, crime has gone up eight per cent in the last year.

There are not enough bobbies on the beat and those that are out and about are not working when we need them. I often see my neighbourhood team patrolling the streets at 10am on a Monday morning, but rarely on a Saturday night!

It is time to return to old fashioned, proactive policing. If elected, crime and anti-social behaviour will be my number one priority. We will restore law and order.

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We have one of the highest rates of youth unemployment in the country and it's no surprise as local schools are performing below the national and even London average. Labour say our schools are improving. But they are still letting our children down.

Our youngsters are just as bright as the kids from Tunbridge Wells who get the jobs at Canary Wharf, but they are not given the opportunities. That's why I got my old bank to join the Young Enterprise scheme and introduced both to a local school. This scheme shows students what working at Canary Wharf is all about and importantly what skills they will need to get a foot in the door.

We will raise standards in schools.


After 13 years of a Labour government, someone living in Shadwell can expect to die eight years earlier than someone living in Millwall. The Conservatives are committed to protecting the NHS budget. We would reduce hospital infections and end the scandal of mixed-sex wards in our hospitals. We back the NHS.


We would scrap Labour's job tax, their planned12 per cent increase in National Insurance contributions paid by both the worker and the employer. British businesses would suffer. The NHS alone would have to pay an extra �200 million, money we would spend on cancer drugs instead. We will get the economy moving again.


Tim Archer