Tower Hamlets backs new search for alternative to Thames ‘super sewer’

Town Hall bosses have put their weight behind an independent commission looking into alternative routes for London’s ‘super sewer’ which threatens to blight the waterfront along parts of the Thames.

Tower Hamlets council declared its backing today (Weds) for the commission set up last month which is being supported by local authorities along the river, from Southwark to Richmond.

“I understand the urgent need to upgrade London’s sewer system,” said Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman.

“But we have limited open space in this very urban borough.

“So we are exploring alternatives to minimise the impact the tunnelling works will have.”

It means a boost for campaigners battling to prevent Shadwell’s King Edward Memorial Park being turned into a seven year building site or being left with a 90ft sewer ventilation shaft on the waterfront overshadowing their homes.

Tower Hamlets joining the independent commission adds to its support for the campaigners.

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The commission led by Lord Selborne is looking at whether the Tideway Tunnel running under the riverbed for 17 miles from Barnes to the Isle of Dogs is the best solution for cleaning up the Thames that is regularly polluted when London’s ageing Victorian sewer system overflows.