Tower Hamlets mayor gambles on solution to control spread of betting shops

Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs [inset] starts public consultations on East End's gambling

Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs [inset] starts public consultations on East End's gambling - Credit: Wm Hill

Town Hall bosses are betting on finding out more about gambling in London’s East End by asking the public.

It follows concerns about the spread of betting shops along the average high street.

So Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs has begun public consultations today to help shape the council’s view on gaming, following the 2005 Gambling Act where local authorities have to review their policy every three years.

The mayor’s rules on gambling in Tower Hamlets which have been in place since 2013 run until 2016, so they are due to for another throw of the dice in the New Year.

“We are concerned about the impact of betting shops on the community,” Mayor Biggs said. “So it’s important our policy reflects people’s views.

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“We have been looking at the way other local authorities have addressed the proliferation of betting shops and want to make sure that we demonstrate ‘best practice’ in the East End.”

The consultation runs until January 17, with three licensing objectives under the Gambling Act that include preventing gambling being a source of crime or disorder or used to support it, making sure gaming is done in a fair and open way and preventing youngsters being harmed or exploited.

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