Recycling gets a lift from Tower Hamlets Council to help save the planet

'Roadshow' stand set up in Victoria Park to urge the public to recycle more. Picture: LBTH

'Roadshow' stand set up in Victoria Park to urge the public to recycle more. Picture: LBTH - Credit: LBTH

Collection days are being ‘recycled’ by Tower Hamlets Council for recycling and food and garden waste from April 8 to help save the planet.

A ‘roadshow’ is now regularly staged to persuade the public to recycle more and waste less.

The authority, once languishing at the very bottom of the nation’s recycling league table a decade ago, wants to bring in more flexibility to reduce landfill waste and bolster its ‘green’ credentials.

Now a decade on, things are critical with the population rising by 60,000 in the next decade, almost twice the London expansion rate. Another 30,000 households are likely to be added by 2028, putting more pressure on bin collections.

“We’re working to increase what we recycle so that Tower Hamlets is greener,” cabinet member for environment issues David Edgar said. “We want we reduce our impact on the planet.’’

So households are being enticed to cut down on waste and shops and businesses are being urged to reduce ‘one use’ plastic.

Mayor John Biggs promised: “This is a step to improve our recycling and make the East End greener.”

Families who have weekly front door collections are getting letters about their new collection days and when to leave out their waste, printed on paper to be recycled, or course—or alternatively environment-conscious householders can go on line to get the information instead, or there’s the telephone: 020-7364 5000. Collections for landfill rubbish in black sacks are not affected.