Time to say No! For the first time in our lives, we have a real chance to tell the politicians that we have had enough. Enough is enough.

No to uncontrolled immigration

No to European laws squeezing the life out of the City of London

No to giving more than �40 million a day to support the bloated European bureaucrats

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No to MPs being above the law

No to MPs stealing from the public

No to MPs making decisions that affect our lives that do not reflect voters' wishes

No to MPs lying without recourse

No to Government quango 'jobs for the boys'

No to sending our army to fight wars without proper equipment

No to excessive and complicated taxation

No to Big Brother government drowning our schools, NHS and police in forms and red tape

No to trying to force everyone into University education, while our primary schools are failing to even teach the basic Three Rs.

No to excessive and expensive paperwork and middle management in the police, schools and NHS

No to Labour crippling the UK with more debt

Europe and the City of London: Politicians cloud the issue by making it sound complicated. It is not complicated, but very simple.

France and Germany control the EU: Paris and Frankfurt wish to take business away from London. European laws will make London weaker and Paris-Frankfurt stronger. Unless we want this to happen, we have to say NO.

Tax: Taxation in the UK has become an industry. It is complicated, unfair and too expensive to monitor, chase and collect.

In some countries around the world, such as Hong Kong, it has been proven that a flat rate simplifies, reduces cost, reduces evasion and avoidance and actually results in more net income for the country.

We want no tax for persons on minimum wage, and want to raise the minimum tax level to �11,500, with a flat rate of tax to everyone at 31 per cent. We also want to scrap VAT and introduce local sales tax.

Keep it simple, keep it fair and people will pay.


Wayne Lochner (UKIP)